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TNPSC Group 2A Study Materials

Clearing a TamilNadu Public Service Commission exam is all about smartness. The right blend of knowledge and practical approach towards handling questions in a limited period of time can make you stand above all. When you are getting ready for prepare for the TNPSC exams, there are a few things you must keep in mind. First and foremost, know the syllabus and the exam pattern.

TamilNadu Public Service Commission exams compromise of numerous questions from different subjects such General English, General Tamil, Physics, Chemistry, Botany, Zoology, History, Geography, Indian Polity, Indian National Movement, Indian Economy and Aptitude. As a examine, you will be required to answer questions from every subjects to obtain qualifying cutoff mark. Therefore, it is necessary for a candidate to learn the importance of time management in TamilNadu Public Service Commission examinations.

Your objective should be to gather good marks and get the minimum cutoff. If you are able to manage this, you can easily clear your TNPSC exams. There are some important things which plays very important role in getting qualifying cutoff marks in the exams. Those things will help you a lot in preparation for the exam they are how many subjects you study on daily basis and how much time you give for a single subject and t is the way of your preparation. First thing you should do in your exam preparation is know the syllabus of your exam. Try to study as least three subjects out of total six hours in a day. This will keep your memory sharp for all subjects.

TNPSC Study Materials

Then spend two hour for a single subject. It means, you to give two hours daily for your all three subjects. But don’t study continuously. Always remember that it is not always about studying hard but studying enough to clear the exam. Brush up on fundamentals you haven't practiced recently. Depending on the syllabus of the exam, this may be mathematics fundamentals you last looked at in your school, principles of grammar, or the fundamentals of your science.

Consider how much time you have for preparation until the exam date. Consider your level of ability, and the resources you have. Then set deadlines for finishing the different steps of your preparation. Manage your time so that your preparation includes each section of the test, with more time allotted to subject where you think you may be weaker.

Hard work is a must in your exam preparation, but smart work is also needed to succeed in your exam. First valuate the exam that you are targeting. You should know which subjects or topics have high priority in the exam. Go through the previous question papers. Then you can know the important and highly repetitive topics. So that you don’t waste your time later studying something that has very low weightage, while compromising on the areas which can yield more marks. Don't try to avoid the topics that you are not comfortable with. Make a schedule for your preparation only if you can stick to it. Instead make daily targets of various topics from different subjects. It may not be difficult to answer all the questions on a test, but it's generally very difficult to answer them all in the allotted time.

Understand how fast you have to work to answer every question that has a chance of increasing your score. Test your ability with a mock test of pervious year question papers. This kind of practice is very helpful. Concentrated study is worth of several hours of distracted study. If you know how to study well with concentration, you will achieve in the tough competition. Most of the aspirants fail to succeed in TamilNadu Public Service Commission exam because they could not answer as many question as possible in a given duration of time. Practicing online test will improve your ability to answer all the questions in the exam in the given duration.

So practice more as much as possible to improve yourself. To make the online test practice easy we have framed the test questions in topic wise for all the subjects in the TamilNadu Public Service Commission syllabus. It will be easy for the aspirants to revise any topics from the TamilNadu Public Service Commission syllabus by attending online test. Simply memorizing the contents in the text books is definitely not a good way of learning. You should learn in an efficient way to gain knowledge.

By learning in this civil service aspirants Group2a study material you can gain more knowledge of a topic in depth. Self-motivation is the key. In your journey of achieving your dream job in state government of TamilNadu. Know all your strong and weak areas. First work on your weak areas and then make your strong areas as the most reliable tools for exams.